Welcome to My Haunted Pen

Margo Carey

Why Haunted Pen?

Each time I tried to write, something supernatural would creep in. Finally, I gave in to my pen's ghostly inclinations and embraced my psychic muse. 

Trace of Evil, my Salem ghost story, is a finalist in the 2023 National Excellence in Story Telling (NEST) contest! 

 She escaped from a controlling boyfriend  only to discover her new apartment had a    controlling ghost!

two person standing on gray tile paving


Margo Carey grew up in a small town a few miles from Salem, MA where stories of hauntings were common. She's a believer. Her home had a benign nighttime walker and something darker that frightened her dog. In her real estate career, she experienced dismal vibes in homes whose history involved frequent ownership changes. Today, she and her husband, Paul, live in Florida with an easily spooked black cat named Sammy, Jasper, a Maine Coon cat who talks a lot but keeps a low profile, and happily, no ghosts--yet!